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Natures Miracle is an authorized U.S. Online Marketplace for Biowellness products.


Immune Booster
Defense shot (12 pack)

A concentrated drink with high antioxidant power, vitamins and minerals that may help you strengthen your immune system.

The natural ingredients in our Immune Booster Shot may help to:

• Boost your immune system

• Decrease inflammation

• Decrease stress

• Reduce cold and flu symptoms

• Prevent multiple diseases

At Natures Miracle

We believe everyone deserves to be the healthiest version of themselves. That is why our mission is to make the natural benefits of hemp more accessible to the public.

We are fully committed to quality and transparency. That is why we have taken all the necessary steps to stay fully compliant with all regulations established by the new law.


Products Features


Physicians Formulated


Cruelty Free


Natural Ingredients

Hemp Pain

Cold & Hot Roll-on

A topical anti-inflammatory cream, easy to apply, quickly absorbed, and long-lasting, which can help you relieve pain associated with muscles and joints, back pain, arthritis, tension, sprains and cramps.

Thanks to its natural ingredients, nanotechnology and the hot and cold effect , you will have a quick relief.

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Hemp Oil

An oil with a mild watermelon flavor, which combines ingredients with high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacity, 100% natural, formulated by doctors, which will help you fight the effects of oxidation and inflammation on your body.


Hemp, sacha inchi oil, and sesame oil come together to help you regain calm and tranquility, stay focused, improve sleep architecture, care for your heart, and strengthen your immune system.


Benefits of


Improves the absorption and bioavailability of hemp extract up to 8 times more. 


The hemp particles are encapsulated in microparticles to allow greater absorption, as well as faster and longer-lasting action. In this way, we really take advantage of all the antioxidant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits of the hemp infused in our products.



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